PASCAM WoodWorks


PASCAM WoodWorks is a woodworking CAD engineering add-on for SOLIDWORKS®, which transforms the world's leading, feature-based 3D CAD system SOLIDWORKS® into an efficient industry solution for the use in the woodworking sector.

You can variously use PASCAM WoodWorks for your company:

1. Use PASCAM WoodWorks in the offer phase:

  • for a photo realistic or animated, virtual product presentation
  • for the quantity determination in the pre-calculation phase

2. Use PASCAM WoodWorks in production planning:

  • to generate wood lists, the bill of material and production data automatically

3. Use PASCAM WoodWorks in the work shop and CNC manufacuring:

  • by providing drawings, sectional views and online available 3D models

All this is achieved based on the semantic feature technology, which enables you to create high-quality, manufacturing-oriented models very safe and efficiently in the CAD system SOLIDWORKS®.

PASCAM WoodWorks is universally applicable to design manufacturing-oriented product models in solid wood, wood composites and other materials (metal, glass, plastic).
The high degree of data integration enables subsequently the safe and easy deduction of all relevant data for the job processing and manufacturing, based on the individual product model on a fingertip.
- Whether you need specific material lists (BOM, etc.), want to export 2D-drawings, including sectional views with several detailed views or need the exact determination of component quantities and dimensions for the calculation.

Various woodworking companies - independent of the size of the company - capitalize on the universally applicable CAD engineering solution PASCAM WoodWorks, e.g. exclusive cabinet makers and joiners, mass manufacturers of cabinet furniture, manufacturers whose products are based on face frame or frame construction (doors, windows), and others that rely extensively on frameless panel material, like bathroom and kitchen manufacturers, shopfitters, yacht builders, etc.

The basic principle of PASCAM WoodWorks is:
"If you want to drive a nail into the wall, you can get somebody, who will do it for you or you buy a hammer yourself, so you can do it on your own hereafter."